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Where Multi-Passionate Artists & Creatives Slide Into The Spotlight with the Impact (and Income) To Match!

How amazing would it be to…

  • Tap into unstoppable motivation by overcoming mindset or trauma blocks?
  • Have people lean in and say “tell me more” after you introduce yourself?
  • Create content that attracts and engages your ideal Superfans?…you know, the ones that will rave about you to anyone that will listen?

***Superfans = raving fans, ideal clients, loyal customers, dream collaborators, industry champions, and media supporters

Well, my fabulous creative, you can.

But let’s talk about branding & marketing for a sec.

I know, I know… Artists and creatives often want to run away from those words. Why? Because:

You feel that your work should speak for itself

Or Branding and marketing doesn’t feel authentic

Or You lack knowledge on how it all works

I get it, if you think of branding and marketing as selling your soul, of course you want to run away from it.

But, here is the thing…

Cultivating An Authentic Personal Brand Is The Most Effective Way To Make The Impact & Income You Desire

The key word is “authentic”

Branding is exploring your vision, purpose, core values, skills, knowledge, experience and your story and sharing that message in all that you do.

Marketing is sharing your authentic self and your work with people who want and need your offers.

Here's How We Are Going To Do It

This Masterclass Series brings together 13 of the arts and entertainment world’s smartest and most successful experts.

Each interview gives you doable tips you can implement to cultivate an authentic personal brand and marketing strategies that connect and convert casual observers into Superfans. 

The 3 Stages of Diane Foy's Superfan Attraction Method:

1. Tap Into Unstoppable Motivation 2. Magnetic Personal Branding 3. Own Your Competitive Edge

And If I Haven’t Convinced You Yet…

Multi-Passionates tend not to do things the way everyone else does (Can you relate?) so 


It is NOT one of those bloated summits with 20-30 speakers and seemingly endless videos to watch within 48 hours or you lose access. Unless you pay for a VIP pass.

Oh and what about those daily live events to attend over a 1-2 week period? Who has time for all of that?

Let’s keep it simple, shall we?


  • No purchases necessary. 
  • No VIP Pass upgrade or additional offers. 
  • 13 Experts will deliver actionable insights during 30-40 minute interviews 
  • Each expert also shares a valuable free resource
  • It is audio-only delivered via a private podcast feed.
  • You keep access for a minimum of 6 months so that you can listen as often as you want.


As for extra live events…

I do want to offer support and answer questions that may come up for you as you listen.

I also want to develop community so that you can also receive support from your fellow artists, musicians, actors and creatives. 

So, in the Superfan Attraction Facebook Group I'll host some live Q&A’s in the weeks following the series release. 

What You Get

During this FREE Masterclass Series, you’ll receive…

  • Exclusive Access to 13 Interviews with the best in Arts & Entertainment
  • Bonus: Free Resources from our speakers
  • Bonus: Coaching Session: Listen in as Diane Foy coaches artist Eden Moody 
  • Private Facebook Community to connect with your fellow artists and creatives
  • Facebook Live Q+A Sessions for your branding, marketing & industry Q’s

When you register for Superfan Attraction Summit, you’ll get access to the interviews via a private podcasting feed. 

If you’re still reading all the way down here, then you want to make sure this is for you. You’re like me and I respect that. 

So, how about this mic drop:

A Brand Builders study found that

  •  Americans are 74% more likely to trust a person or company who has an established personal brand
  •  67% of ALL Americans would be willing to spend more money on products and services from the companies of founders whose personal brand aligns with their own personal values.



Are you kicking yourself for not paying attention to your personal brand before now?

Now let’s look at statistics for artists and creatives…

  • A recent study by Queen Mary University of London referred to surveys that showed only 2% of actors make a living from the profession and that 90% are out of work at any one time
  • 90.7% of all music artists are undiscovered, 6.8% are developing, 1.4% are mid-sized, 0.9% are mainstream, and only 0.2% are considered megastars. (Next Big Sound)
  • Contemporary Art Issue states that 85% of artists make less than $25k/year, around 10% make between $25k/year and $100k/year, roughly 4% make between approximately $100k/year and $1M, and around 1% make more than $1M/year.
  •  85% of photographers fail? Yes, according to Dane Sanders in his book Fast Track Photographer
  • And what about coaches? 82% of coaching businesses fail within 2 years. Over 50% of coaches earn less than $1,000/month.


Damn. Again!

But here's the thing:

You Have The Power To Heal, Transform & Elevate Lives!

The Superfan Attraction Method Empowers You To Ditch Self-Doubt, Maximize Your Talents & Promote Yourself With Ease

…So That You Can Make Your Impact.

Come learn from the masters who’ve each shared their expertise on a key aspect of personal development, branding, and marketing to help you thrive in the arts. 

That’s what the Superfan Attraction Masterclass series is all about!

So, are you ready to listen and take action on the tips you learn from me and my friends so you can slay your career this year or what?

Oh Yeah, Just Who Is This Person Hosting The Masterclass Series? Meet Your Host Diane Foy

Ready to slide into the spotlight with the impact (and income) to match? Then you should know trauma-informed personal branding and visibility coach Diane Foy. She is the creator of the Superfan Attraction Method.

During her two decades in arts and entertainment PR, Diane represented talents such as Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell, South Africa’s The Parlotones, One Day at a Times’s Mackenzie Phillips, Pretty Little Liars Tyler Blackburn and hundreds more. She also represented films at major film festivals and visual artists at various gallery shows.

Diane draws on her multi-passionate background of PR, marketing, photography, makeup artistry, and creative psychology in her personal brand and PR coaching. She empowers purpose-driven creatives to ditch self doubt and promote themselves with ease. As for publicity, today she specializes in podcast guesting strategy and booking.

She has been a panelist and mentor at conferences such as Canadian Music Week, nxne, Indie Week and Northern Ontario Music & Film. Canadian Musician, Sun TV, Toronto Star, and over 30 media outlets have featured her.

Diane is a superfan of cats, wine and Janet Jackson.

oh hey! one more thing.

You absolutely do not have to compromise your values to make it in the Arts and Entertainment Industry.

And you know what? Achieving the results you want has nothing to do with being perfect or outshining everyone else.

I'm not interested in either of those things, are you?

Success is all about embracing 100% of who YOU are and uncovering and sharing your unique strengths. (That's actually the key to success in just about any business.) 

I've brought together some amazing people I truly admire to help guide you on this journey.

It's my gift to you, and I really hope that you'll take me up on it because it could be the best decision for your business or career this year.

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